lean speed machines with names like bull gator and

    The AFC West is a joke: So the Oakland Raiders got embarrassed by the New England Patriots in Mexico City, the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the free falling New York Giants and the Denver Broncos lost to Cincinnati, firing their offensive coordinator shortly after. The only team from the division that won a game was the Los Angeles Chargers and that's only because they got to face Mark Sanchez in disguise. Someone will have to gain control of this division but it's going to be ugly and probably pointless, kind of like "Justice League." Whether it's Kansas City or LA or (gasp) the Raiders, it's more than likely that these one of these sorry teams are ultimately going to serve as a doormat for the Steelers or Patriots on their way to the Super Bowl..
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wholesale jerseys from china End Zone Celebrations While football is a game of emotion, there have been several instances where TO has gone "too far". In addition to the constant arm flapping after a touchdown, the most infamous events are the "Sharpie Incident", where he took a Sharpie from his pocket to autograph the touchdown ball, and the "Cowboys Logo" pose, where he celebrated two touchdowns narcissistically at midfield. 49ers Coach Steve Mariucci suspended him for a week for that one.. wholesale jerseys from china
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Cheap Jerseys free shipping 4. Carlos Hyde (San Francisco): Hyde was drafted as the successor to Frank Gore and expects to work his way towards that this season. Gore is wearing down after playing every game for the past three seasons and is on the negative side of 30. Life is real. Everything you have to do as a parent, as a husband, as a son, that real. This is just a game, man Cheap Jerseys free shipping. 


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